Survey FAQ

DGCustomerFirst is an exclusive real-time login portal brought into the introduction and launched by the brand to determine whether the services offered are up to the mark, or they do need to overcome some loopholes. They have launched this survey to analyze every customer’s thought process and make sure they work exactly according to it.

Dollar General Management strives to maintain the legal and objective point of view of its visiting customers. They desire to provide the customers with the best, and the DGCustomerFirst Survey portal is ideal for them.

DGCustomerFirst Survey FAQ

What does DGCustomerFirst Survey do?

DGCustomerFirst Survey collects the customers’ feedback and suggestions and helps the Dollar General management team analyze them.

Where do I use the official DGCustomerFirst Customer Satisfaction survey?

The customers can answer the DGCustomerFirst Survey at the URL address It is easy for the customers to answer the survey at this URL address.

Should I submit my details after answering the survey? Can I trust the security of this portal?

Yes. The portal is highly encrypted, which makes it easy for you to trust the portal. Thus, you can submit your personal information without any doubts in your mind.

What is the maximum number of times I can answer this survey?

You can take the DGCustomerFirst survey as often as you like. However, a survey is required each time you complete the DGCustomerFirst customer satisfaction survey.

Does my purchase amplify my chances of winning this survey?

Dollar General expects that you rate the services and products only after visiting their premises at least once. You need to note that your purchase by no means increases your chances of winning the DGCustomerFirst Survey.